Thursday, August 12, 2010

Penn Ave SE Great Streets Community Meeting

ANC 7B (SMD 7B05) Special Meeting: PA AVE Great Street Project

Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner R Hammond Marlin (7B05) is convening a Special meeting with the Department of Transportation to provide to citizens updates for this project (timelines, “re-excavations”, landscaping), answers questions (Pepco power lines, water and sewage, and how this all may or may not affect your street) and address other concerns presented to the ANC over the months of the project (i.e., to include but is not limited to, maintaining the corridor in a sanitary manner; parking; how much of my land will be affected; new traffic patterns; start and end work schedules for the site; and site management by designated inspectors, and all other concerns.)

Date: August 19, 2010

Location: Ryland Methodist Church
(Corner of Branch Avenue and S Street, SE)
(Off-street parking and rear lot parking)

Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Refreshments will be served

All ANC 7B SMD’s Residents/Constituents and Proprietors along Pa Avenue are welcomed to attend.
Note: ANC 7B SMD’s are 7B01, 7B02, 7B03, 7B04, 7B05, 7B06, and 7B07)

This is a great opportunity to ask your questions


  1. 'Undergrounding' of PEPCO's power lines has renently become an issue with this community. A DDOT communication to the Hillcrest listserv suggests a cost of approximately $12M per mile to 'underground' the Pa power lines thus making the project prohibitively expensive. However a July 2010 report initiated by the Public Service Commission (see Shaw report ref below) provides supporting data for a cost of $3.5M per mile. As we watch pavement and curb replacements in most of the 1.6 mile project, it is logical to ask " why not bury the power lines at the same time"!
    Those planning to attend and interested readers [including PE-civil engineering urban planners bloggers] should review the report before the meeting.

    Shaw ref link:

    Ken Davis PE

  2. Thanks Ken... I'll make is a post so everyone can see and read.