Monday, August 23, 2010

I only have 1 question

Tomorrow (8/24) Chief Cathy Lanier will be on TBD at 10:00 AM answering your questions. It is all online at, so those of you at work can view or at the very least listen in (don't forget to bring your headphone). Miss V was contacted to ask a question... Oh I have a question. I should have asked her when she sat next to met at dinner at Ray's the Steaks East River. Anywho...

Miss V's Question:
MPD may be consolidating all of 6D in the Northern part of the police district. If a 6D substation does not remain at its current location or comparable location, what is the anticipated increased police response time and what is the potential impact on public safety in the southern part of the district. IF this plan moves forward, what it the plan to mitigate any negative impact to the public safety in the southern part of 6D?

Now for those of you that have no idea what is going on, allow me to give the scrolling marque version of events. (FYI.. scrolling marquee means I'm trying to give enough detail to give you the gist).

Current Situation

  • 6D Station (aka main station) is located at 100 42nd St NE
  • 6D Substation is located at 2701 Pennsylvania Ave SE
Map below shows where both are located in reference to Fairfax Village

View MPD 6D Now in a larger map

Potential Situation
  • 6D Substation lease is up in 2011
  • Nothing is "written in stone" (or so "they" say), but there is "talk" that the entire 6D will relocate to the Merritt School located at 5002 Haynes St NE. This would leave the southern part of 6D without a substation.
Map below shows the proposed 6D station is reference to Fairfax Village

View MPD 6D Proposed in a larger map

Community Concerns
The community is very concerned about the increased response times of police from the potential new station to the Southern part of the Police District and the impact that may have on the public safety of residents. There is a public hearing in September to hear the community's concerns regarding the potential relocation of the 6D Substation. Stay tuned, because we are bringing the heat on this one people and we will need EVERYONE'S help.


  1. Isn't there a 6D substation in the Good Hope Road Shopping center, next to the dry cleaners????

  2. The one at Good Hope is a satellite station with limited hours.