Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Homework before Thursday's Meeting

Thanks to one of my readers, you have homework. Thursday's ANC meeting is going to be an Community Meeting with DDOT to discuss the Pennsylvania Ave SE Great Streets Project. On the neighborhood listservs, the community has been vocal on the issue of the PEPCO power lines. In the adopted plan, the power lines were supposed to be installed underground. However, according to DDOT, PEPCO decided not to underground the wires.

One of my readers left me a comment providing a link to a report submitted to the Public Service Commission on July 1, 2010 entitled "Study of the Feasibility of Reliability of Underground Electric Distribution in the District of Columbia." As he pointed out in the comment, on the listservs it was communicated by DDOT that undergrounding the wires cost $12 million per mile, however, this report uses $3.5 million per mile. Happy reading!!!


  1. looks like pepco needs to be at this meeting too. government and agencies are notorious for pointing fingers at the other guy. but they forget the rest of the saying "they've got three fingers pointing back at them." noone's without fault in this issue. where's the council leadership when you need it?! that's the outrage to me.