Monday, August 9, 2010

Green Teens

Teens from DC is Building Bridges are working on a community garden at THEARC in Ward 8. Miss V was a guest speaker in early July. I helped them put together a community outreach plan. These teens will be conducting a community assessment to determine what produce the community will buy. Then they are going to create and maintain the community garden. For more information here is an excerpt from DC Food for All blog:

This summer, a youth program called DC is Building Green Bridges has been busily gardening, learning about nutrition, and discussing food security issues east of the Anacostia River. Our students are engaged, intelligent, and working hard!

They have created a pilot ‘community needs’ survey to determine the viability of a farmers market at THEARC on Mississippi Avenue—and they’ve just conducted their first surveys at senior centers in wards 7 and 8. They have written their own blog posts and have created a social networking page for the program. Below is the their first blog post, written in the hopes to gain exposure to the program and their project. Enjoy!

Hello world, allow us to introduce ourselves: we are DC is Building Green Bridges. Building Green Bridges is a program based in Washington D.C. consisting of youth who are interested in making a better community by educating and informing the people about eating healthy, making better health choices, and ultimately, changing the way people view our city as a whole by growing our own food in the city.

For the full blogpost, click here.

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  1. Awesome! Youth and Health are the key to the East!
    Anacostia Yogi