Thursday, August 19, 2010

Advice from MPD

I received an email from PSA 606 regarding an increased number of theft from auto in PSA 606 near the Maryland border. The incidents closest to Fairfax Village were on the 3700-3900 blocks of Southern Ave SE and 2100 Block of Suitland Terr SE. MPD said they are mostly "smash and grab", which means they are smashing the window and grabbing whatever is in plain sight.

MPD offers these tips to help reduce theft from auto:
  • Remove ALL valuables from plain sight (i.e. purses, bags, money, stereo faces, GPS, boxes)
  • Make sure your windows are up and your doors are locked
  • Put a club on your car. MPD stated it is extremely rare to find someone stealing a car with a club on it.
  • When getting gas, NEVER leave your purse on the front passenger seat of the car.
These are EASY steps people!!! After having my old car broken into TWICE, Miss V doesn't leave ANYTHING in the car. From my experience if your car is broken into, it is highly unlikely the stolen items will be recovered.

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