Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Word on the street

Miss V was unable to attend the Ward 7 Candidates Forum and Straw Poll. I read the Washington Post recap of the event. However, I prefer the insider's recap and of course I want to share it with you. I'd like to introduce my guest blogger. He's a long time Ward 7 resident (30+years), who is blogging under the alias "Mr. Bulletproof" (which should make you giggle if you know what that name is mocking). Without further ado, I give you Mr. Bulletproof.
Miss V. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to provide my view of the Ward 7 Straw Poll. I was not able to attend the Council Chair debate. The only comment I heard about it was from Councilmember K. Brown's staff. They thought he did very well. However, I did notice there were a significant number of Orange shirts in the crowd. Even though Ward 7 is considered Brown's territory, Orange was able to get a decent turn-out.

In the Mayor's race the general feel from the crowd was Mayor Fenty was being extremely dishonest with all the stats and figures presented. As a matter of fact, Candidate Sulimon Brown made the comment that the Mayor is building parks and libraries in the community, but not employing anyone from the community neither during the construction nor after they've been completed. Fenty also lobbied to keep the jobs of his existing staff (Rhee, Lanier, etc). If I recall none of them were employed in those positions before he became mayor so why would the new mayor NOT be able to do what every other mayor has done and that is choose his or her own staff. Mindboggling to say the least. What is even more incredible is that Chairman Gray will not say as mayor HE and not the previous mayor makes those decisions. It shows a lack of leadership and looks very weak.

Others in the crowd were not exactly thrilled with Gray. Mainly the sentiment is that he is from Ward 7 and yet has done nothing major for the Ward. Has he even had a fundraiser in Ward 7? When is the last time he attended Ray's the Steaks East River or the Denny's? Let's say that Mr. Gray has many undecided voters in his own backyard and if he does not step it up and acknowledge this he may NOT be the shoo-in he this he is in Ward 7 for Mayor.

Mr. Bulletproof

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