Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What Village do you live in?

Miss V gets a lot of request for information about Fairfax Village. Fairfax Village is comprised of nine condo associations. Each association has a Board of Directors. Seven of the nine Village (1-7) banded together to form the Community Association. Each Village has a representative on the Community Association Board. Yes all the layers are unnecessarily ridiculous.

If you are looking to purchase, I attached a map so you can check the addresses to see what Village that's in. Note that each Village has different condo fees. While my Village (4) has the highest condo fees, we have one of the best maintained properties in the Village. Village 6 is a close second.

One piece of advice if you buy a condo, regardless if it's in Fairfax Village or anywhere else in the US, always request a copy of the approved budget and most recent audit BEFORE you buy.


  1. how many units in each village?

  2. It varies...

    Village 1 - 82
    Village 2 - 70
    Village 3 - 65
    Village 4 - 85
    Village 5 - 108
    Village 6 - 136
    Village 7 - 73

    I don't have info for Villages 8 and 9. I think 9 is one of the biggest.

  3. Originally there were 9 Villages in the Community association. Village 9 and then 8 pulled out of the association.
    The Village was developed in phases, and the city required a new incorporated village each time that Fairfax Inc crossed the street.