Sunday, July 18, 2010

What I love about the East

Last's night concert in Fort Dupont Park was so much fun. The Summer Theater was packed with people from East of the River, Maryland, and Virginia with some sprinkles of West of the River. Kids and adults of all ages gather to listen to the smooth sounds of Cops Come Knocking (a band formed by cops) and Kindred and the Family Soul. I sat on a steep hill. Many of the men where assisting the ladies with getting up and down the hill.

The only bad thing was parking. Where I parked, I really could have just walked from home. Literally, I parked about a quarter mile from my house. They block off Ft Dupont Drive for pedestrians only at 6pm. I'm surprised some enterprising individual hasn't thought of a pedicab or golf cart business to transport people up and down the hill. I would have paid $2-3 dollars for a ride.

One thing I found interesting is not a single candidate was there campaigning. Now to be fair to them, I don't know if there are rules against campaigning on Federal park land or something of the like. If they are allowed, some free popsicles would be nice. Just saying.

Summer Concerts in the park runs until August 21st. Click here to see the schedule.

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  1. FYI campaigning is illegal on federal park property