Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday Stew: What's Cooking

Fairfax Village Shopping Center - The saga of FVSC drags on yet another week. Councilmember Alexander's office spoke with the property manager. They are going to attempt to keep the shopping center clean. Our meeting with Councilmember Brown was rescheduled to August 1st.

Street Repair - Still no repairs to the 2000 block of Fort Davis Street and the 3800 block of W Street SE. We learned some bad news about the speed humps. Apparently the petition was misplaced by DDOT, so we have to start from scratch. Two steps forward, three steps back.

3970 Pennsylvania Ave SE - It looks like some repairs were being made to the building over the weekend.

Public-Private Partnership Possible - Miss V is cooking something up. The government agency is willing to come to the table to talk. Now if I can just get the Community Association to the table. Stay tuned.

3810 Southern Ave SE - DC Housing Authority is completing a modernization project. They've also improved the landscaping.

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