Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday Stew: What's Cooking

Since last Wednesday I gave an update on things cooking in the neighborhood, I decided to start a segment called "Wednesday Stew". I'll give update on things happening behind the scenes. Please feel free to inform me of new issues.

Fairfax Village Shopping Center - The saga of FVSC continues. We had a meeting scheduled with Councilmember Brown, but I received an email from an organization that stating the CM is confirmed to attend their Candidates Forum at the same time as our meeting with the CM. Needless to say, I think we were bumped without so much as an apology. Councilmember Alexander's office called me yesterday to discuss the issues. I sent them all the information from last year's meeting with the property manager. They are supposed to give me an update next week.

Street Repair - The 2000 block of Fort Davis Street and the 3800 block of W Street SE are on the street repair (not repaving) list. Repairs have not been made to date although there are some interesting markings on the street.

3970 Pennsylvania Ave SE - I tweeted DCRA to get an update on if they were able to send out inspectors. The building is still an eyesore.

3810 Southern Ave SE - I drove by The Villager the other day and saw some interesting things. The DC Housing sign has been removed, the landscaping has been improved and brown paper has been placed in windows and doors. I have yet to get a response from DC Housing regarding what is happening to that property. I emailed the Director of Planning and Development for the Authority last week. I have not received a response. Guess it's time to move up the food chain to the big boss.

Pennsylvania Ave SE Great Streets Project - I met with DDOT project manager on July 7th on behalf of the Co-Owners of Fairfax Village IV. We will lose approximately 4-5 feet of frontage. DDOT has promised to replace anything they take down, i.e. landscaping and the wrought iron fence. There is uncertainty if the sign will need to be relocated or not. DDOT promised to stay in contact with us.

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