Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ward 7 Whodunit

Among the many things I inherited from my dad, one of them is power of observation. If something changes, I'm usually the first to notice. When I was walking my dogs this morning, I spied with my little eye a campaign sign swap. In May, I snapped a photo of a Fenty campaign sign in Fairfax Village. This morning that very same residence had a Gray campaign sign. Since neither the Green nor the Blue machine have hoboed their way to my hood, I seriously doubt they were involved in the swap.

Perhaps my neighbor changed their mind about who they are supporting. But why the change? Maybe it was Fenty's boy who got a Professional Engineering license after failing the exam seven times that sent them over the edge. Or maybe they like the Gray education reform plan that mimics the Fenty education reform plan because it has a different cover. This is just like the mystery of how many licks does it take to get to the center of the tootsie pop... the world may never know.

(taken May 17, 2010)

(taken July 13, 2010)


  1. In this case, the indecisiveness of your neighbor's decision of who to vote for is moot. The major issue is, having signs displayed on your lawn....was told that signs are prohibited unless, they are displayed in your window.

    Maybe someone needs to inform her/him.

    I had one displayed and it was removed promptly by one of the board members.

  2. You are correct in that political signs are not allowed in the common elements. The board of that Village (which for the record isn't mine) would have to inform them.

  3. Not only political signs..all signs. Once there was someone advertising their services and placed a small sign indicating such, on their front lawn...that sign was also removed, for the very same reason...signs in the "common elements" are prohibited.

    Looking at the pics that you took, looks like Village VI...if their board doesn't think it's an issue, then carry on, I say.

    On another note, noticed that the city trashcan (large iron one) was removed from near the bus stop located on the corner of 38th and W Street...I would assume the piling of trash in large bags became an eyesore. Glad it was removed.

  4. It is Village VI. I think they have more pressing issues to handle.

    I agree that trash can was an eye sore, because people were putting their personal trash in it. However, I think an unintended consequence is going to be more litter on the ground.

  5. Well, let's hope that the grown-ups who are guilty of putting their personal trash into the trashcan would take a different approach. I say, "grown-ups" because, I was told there were sightings.

    BTW, love your blog!!!

    I need to get back to work!!!

  6. I spoke to the owner of that townhouse about his Fenty to Gray decision. He kinda shrugged it off and said that there's really no need to explain.
    At one point I even saw two signs on the lawn - Fenty and Gray. I think his wife convinced him to remove the Fenty sign lol.

    Oh and the trashcan...smh. Not happy about that at all. Trash on sidewalks=loss of property value + rodents/pests. What can we do to get the trash can back?

  7. You have to call DPW 202-737-4404, but if they took it away because someone complained they may not put one back.

  8. I have been keeping an eye on that space where the trash can was located (4 days and counting)...no trash on the ground (saw some greenery trying to grow in that spot)...so, we can now put our minds at ease. People are more responsible than we initially thought.