Wednesday, July 7, 2010

There's a lot cooking

There is a lot happening behind the scenes in Fairfax Village. I thought I would share with my faithful blog readers.

Fairfax Village Shopping Center - There is so much wrong with that shopping center: loitering, low-quality retail, trash, poor landscaping, unmaintained parking lot to name a few. For over a year, concerned residents (including yours truly) have been trying to reach out to the property manager and that got us NOWHERE. We cornered Councilmember-at-large K. Brown after the HCCA Meeting on Saturday. He has promised to meet with us within the next few weeks. **I heart election year**

Pennsylvania Ave SE Great Streets Project - I'm meeting with DDOT project manager on July 7th on behalf of the Co-Owners of Fairfax Village IV. Our concern is the exact alignment of the new construction. How much land will we "lose"? Will the brick Fairfax Village sign be relocated? Will our wrought iron fence be relocated/replaced? Even though the construction hasn't reached our end, I still think as affected property owners we deserve the courtesy of an informational meeting.

Street Repair - Speaking of transportation, I've been tweeting DDOT regarding the poor pavement conditions of the 2000 block of Fort Davis Street and the 3800 block of W Street SE. They looked into my 311 service request. We aren't on the repaving list, but in the next few weeks they are going to come out to repair the road to make it smoother.

3970 Pennsylvania Ave SE - The apartment building located across the street from Fairfax Village is a SUPER DOOPER eyesore on the block. One of my neighbors sent an email to the Mayor's Outreach Office. In addition, I tweeted the address to DCRA. Needless to say, it is on the "list" to be investigated. Interestingly enough, I looked it up on the new DCRA system and it appears that building has numerous violations dating back to 2002. *shaking my head*

3810 Southern Ave SE - The Villager apartment building is owned by the DC Housing Authority. It's been sitting vacant for several months now. I contacted DC Housing to complain about the lack of maintenance of the landscape. I've also tried to get information on what's going to happen to the building. Everyone I've talked to at DC Housing says the same thing to me "How do you know it's our property?" I guess the fact that DC Housing Authority was on the sign and it's listed in their property database wasn't enough. **epic fail**

Bus Shelter at 38th and Pennsylvania Ave SE - We put in a service request to have the graffiti removed from inside the bus shelter. My neighbor confirmed last night that the inside had been painted. **little victories**

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