Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Slow down

According to Washington Post, there are 12 new speed cameras in DC, 10 of them are East of the River. To help people get adjusted the system will issue warnings until August 11th.

  • 5200 block of Southern Avenue in the southeast direction (SE)
  • Both directions in the 3500 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue (SE)
  • 1400 block of Alabama Avenue (SE)
  • Suitland Parkway near Stanton Road (SE)
  • Interstate 295 at Exit 1 southbound lane (SW)
  • 3100 block of North Capitol Street (NE)**
  • 4100 block of South Dakota Avenue (NE)**
  • Two cameras in both directions of I-295 at Eastern Avenue (NE)
** are located West of the River

According to the article there are people questioning the logic of the locations. Personally, I'm happy about the ones on I-295 and Suitland Parkway. People drive excessively fast in those areas and usually they are sporting an MD license plate. In addition, I feel like everyday there is a new accident on I-295, especially in the stretch from East Capitol to Eastern Ave Bridge. We've had one for several months on Southern Ave SE between 36th Place and Suitland Road. Even with the mobile speed camera, I've had a car with MD plates attempt to pass me on the right despite the fact that it's only one lane in each direction.

If I sound like I'm picking on MD drivers, please believe I am. Do people from DC speed around my neighborhood? Yes, but a large majority of the speeders I've observed have MD plates.

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