Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Looking back to move forward

(photo taken in 1947 courtesy of DDOT)

DDOT has opened their photo vault to the public. Of course Miss V was feverishly searching for photos East of the River. I found three of Pennsylvania Ave SE that were taken in the mid-1940s. The photo above is looks like it's taken west of the Minnesota Ave and Pennsylvania Ave SE intersection looking East. Call me crazy, but it seems like DDOT is spending a lot of money to restore Penn Ave to what it was in 1947. Observe the pedestrian scale lighting and the grass medians that give the street a boulevard feel.
(photo taken in 1946 courtesy of DDOT)

This photo is looking west on Penn Ave SE toward the intersection with Minnesota Ave.
The Morton building stands out (now a beauty supply shop). I hope no matter how this area redevelops that the Morton building stays. It has a lot of character. It's interesting that the grass that separates the sidewalk from the street does not exist today, although it will exist at the completion of the Penn Ave Great Streets Project. What's old is new again.
(photo taken in 1945 courtesy of DDOT)
This photo is taken from Minnesota Ave looking Northwest-ish to Penn Ave SE. It's a shame that all the open space from this photo is gone or chopped up to the point where it might as well be gone.


  1. it's a good thing, though, right, that they're restoring the road to how it looked and worked then. being more pedestrian oriented seems like the best thing to me!

  2. It's a great thing!!! I can't wait until it's done.