Sunday, July 4, 2010

HCCA Meeting Recap

The Hillcrest Community Civic Association Meeting was this morning. HCCA takes thorough minutes, so there is no need for me to give a detailed play-by-play. I'll stick to the highlights. The best part of the meeting was when the HCCA President asked all guests and visitors to stand. A little over half the room stood up and introduced themselves as living in Fairfax Village. They even went so far as to state the village number. I had to chuckle, because I didn't even expect us to roll THAT deep.

The guest speaker was Cecilia Jones from the Community Criminal Justice Accountability Initiative (CCJAI). She provided a demonstration for us on how to track offenders from arrest to hopefully sentencing. Below are links to information that Cecilia provided during the presentation, in addition, to some she sent me a while ago (FYI, you have to wait 20 seconds for the file to download, but it is free):
After the meeting, the ladies of Fairfax Village +1 (we had a stowaway from Deanwood) cornered Councilmember Brown regarding the Fairfax Village Shopping Center, which is not living up to its economic potential. Jokingly, we told him we'd vote for him if he could promise he would increase the number of eligible bachelors in the Village. Councilmember Brown extended the olive branch to meet with Fairfax Village to discuss the top 4 pressing issues. (I heart election season)

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