Friday, July 30, 2010

Goodbye, good riddance, and hello

By now the news is out that the Village Pantry Deli has been evicted from the Fairfax Village Shopping Center. The Village Pantry only sold liquor and snacks. It ended up being a place where people congregate. Not to mention the place was always fithy, so good riddance. See ya. Don't let the door hit ya, where the God Lord split ya. **hehe**

Miss V always has an ear to the street. Word from a very credible source is we'll be getting a locally-owned convenience store. My source has close ties to the owner and according to my source, the owner is committed to bringing groceries that the community wants to purchase. I put in a request for fresh produce (fruits and veggies) and staple groceries (milk, eggs, cheese, bread, etc) based on the data I collected from my informal survey of neighbors. I also requested that the owner keep the place clean. In addition, my source does not think the owner will be selling liquor.

My source allowed me to get a sneak peek at the demolition this afternoon. The construction crews are going to demo everything you can see in the photos. Everything is going to be new, even the HVAC system. Miss V is happier than a pig in slop!!! I'll keep you posted on the name.

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  1. I think we need to put more consumer pressure on these so called "stores" to clean up, dust off or ship out. Too often, they carry food that is expired. There are more than enough people living off of Penn Ave who would pay extra for cleaner, fresher and healthier options within walking distance...