Thursday, July 29, 2010

Be the ANC7B06 Commissioner

Fairfax Village is located in Advisory Neighborhood Commission 7B and Single Member District 06. That's right we have an ANC that is elected to represent us. Without looking it up, do you know the name of the Commissioner for 7B06? Have you ever seen the Commissioner for 7B06 in Fairfax Village? Better yet, have you every received an email, newsletter, or any communication from the Commissioner for 7B06? Bueller, anyone (movie reference... Ferris Bueller's Day Off).

All that to say, petitions will be available for ANC starting August 4th. To qualify all you need is 25 signatures from your single member district. For more information about becoming an ANC, We Love DC put together a handy guide.

I hope that someone from Fairfax Village will step up and run for ANC 7B06. Before you even ask me, Miss V is stretched to the max between running my own company, being President of Fairfax Village IV, volunteering and blogging. However, if you are serious about running, Miss V will help with getting participation and support from Fairfax Village.

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