Thursday, June 17, 2010

WCP Gets a Side-Eye

Washington City Paper writer Tim Carman gets a huge side-eye from Miss V. Tim Carman felt the need to provide his two cents on the Washingtonian Magazine article about Ray's the Steaks. First and foremost, let me be VERY clear that I had no knowledge Mr. Carman was writing his article nor that he was going to quote my blog.

My blog is on the internet free for the world to see. Miss V has to raise her brow at the fact that he felt the need to quote my rant (which comes across as... dare I say "black") and not my Letter to the Editor, which I felt was not only written eloquently but conveyed exactly where I had issues with the Washingtonian article. But who am I to questions his intentions?

I also find it interesting that Mr. Carman points out that Michael Landrum is losing money on the project. Unlike Mr. Carman, I'm going to admit my ignorance of the restaurant business. It doesn't seem unusual to me for a restaurant has been open for two months (if that) to lose money. Who knows, maybe Mr. Carman is privy to the financial statements and projections. **Kanye shrug**

I do appreciate Todd Kliman (the writer of the review) and Alyssa Rosenberg (web editor) for extending the olive branch to meet with my neighbors and me. For your information Mr. Carman, they did not "grovel" nor did they make any apologies or retractions to the article. We had a very frank and open discussion. Ms. Rosenberg expressed a desire to possibly expand the Washingtonian web presence to include activities and neighborhoods East of the River. Mr. Kliman encouraged us to join his weekly chat. It was a positive conversation that ended with a short tour of my neighborhood. Miss V would have written a post on the meeting earlier this week, but I've been having condo issues.

Needless to say Mr. Carman, side-eye.

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