Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Under Construction: Ft Davis Shopping Center

CityInterests LLC has begun construction on the Fort Davis Shopping Center (3800 Block of Alabama Ave SE). The photo above is the rendering of what the shopping center will look like when it is complete. Miss V was worried the start of construction was going to end up moving at a snails pace like Penn Branch Shopping Center, which by the way was supposed to start over a year ago.

However, I drove by this afternoon to see the tap tap of hammers and the churning of cement. It looks like they consolidated the DC government offices that were there. I don't know if the Mini Mart is permanently gone, but it appears to be closed during the construction. If the Mini Mart comes back, I hope they renovate the inside to make it more aesthetically pleasing. In addition, I hope the add fresh produce. The Chinese Carry-out that was next to the old Dominos is still open.


  1. This is wonderful news...music to my ears.

  2. Does CityInterests LLC have a working website? I found: http://www.cityinterests.com/, but it only leads to a graphic. I'd be interested in learning more about them and their projects, and how to contact them if I were interested in starting a business...

  3. @Anon... shoot me an email vod2@cornell.edu