Thursday, June 3, 2010


Last night I attended the Public Safety Dog and Pony Show... **cough** ahem... I mean Community Meeting. Most of the question and answer time was used up in a back and forth between Councilmember-at-large Mendelson and Ronald Moten, Peaceaholics Co-founder. The exchange didn't accomplish much. There was also playing of the race card by another community member, which is up for debate regarding perception versus reality. Noticeable absent was Councilmember Barry.

Miss V will spare you the rest of the recap, because Washington City Paper took care of that already. There was one extremely important point that was made that I do not want to get lost on the community.

The Justice System is only as good as the laws that are written by the DC Council.

The panelist and the community pointed out two key areas where the DC Council has failed at enacting good law. 1) The juvenile confidentiality laws are putting a lot of communities in DC in harms way without their knowledge, and 2) the DC Council has failed to adequately address truancy.

Miss V's biggest problem with this meeting and the Ward 7 Crime Summit is the need to analyze the problem versus developing actionable solutions. Some of the people in attendance were affected by the March 30th shooting and they want answers to how this was allowed to happen. While this is a specific incident, the answers are the same and been analyzed ad nauseum. In my short little life, I've come to understand that some people love to dwell in the analysis phase, because analysis is "easy" and it allows for finger pointing. The solutions phase requires people to roll up their sleeves, making hard (not to mention unpopular) decisions and taking action. When does the solutions phase start?

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