Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's not rocket science

One of the reoccurring topics from Tuesday's Community Meeting was curfew. Councilmember-at-large Mendelson stated that the DC Council has had difficulties enacting stricter curfews because of Constitutional rights. Interestingly enough, Miss V did a quick google search. I found a graphic from the City of Philadelphia that outlines their curfew and penalties.

I researched the Philly City Code that deals with Minors. They have an entire section dealing with truancy. What I really like is the fact that they have violations and penalties for the parents. One would think that the DC Council could take the time to find best practices and lessons learned from other jurisdictions. Just saying....


  1. I agree with you Ms. V. The only way to change outcomes involving both juvenile curfews and juvenile delinquency in our schools and on the streets is through holding parents accountable. If the parent AND child are BOTH held accountable for the child's actions, parents will become more determined to make sure their children behave and follow rules, and practice proper modes of conduct. Too many adults(and adolescents)are great sperm and egg donors, but not great parents. -Reclamation

  2. Definitely agree with you Ms. V and I find it a bit funny that here in the nation's capital they can't research/pass curfew laws that have been in effect in other cities across the nation.