Saturday, June 5, 2010

Information Needed by June 11th

I attended the Hillcrest Community Civic Association meeting this morning. It was mentioned the owner of the Fort Davis Shopping Center (behind the Exxon on Alabama) showed plans for improvements they intended to make at the last ANC meeting. The owner wants to know what type of retail and restaurants the community would like to see. The plans were featured in the Washington City Paper back in May (I don't know how I missed the article... mea culpa).

Because Fairfax Village residents do not regularly attend these types of meetings decisions are getting made without our input. In addition, there usually isn't outreach to the greater East of the River community who can also enjoy our amenities. It's a new day.

BY JUNE 11, 2010, please send me an email ( with the types of business that you would like to see. Also, feel free to say what you do NOT want. Do not forget to include your neighborhood. I will compile the information and send it to the Commissioners on behalf of the residents of Fairfax Village and the East of the River Community at large.

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