Friday, June 25, 2010

Hillcrest featured in the Washingtonian

Looks like Hillcrest and Fairfax Village have been getting some media attention this week. Washingtonian Magazine has an online slideshow of the Hillcrest Garden Tour. There is one correction on slide 6. Fairfax Village has townhomes and condominiums, not apartments.

Dawn Lim, author and photographer writes

Just east of the Anacostia River is an area whose residents are determined to make it the jewel of Southeast DC. Hillcrest has rolling hills, red-brick colonial homes, and bird’s-eye view of Capitol Hill. Its well-loved and well-tended gardens are home to mayoral hopeful Vincent Gray.

During its annual garden tour, Hillcrest residents open their doors to the rest of the community, deck their patio tables with sweets, and show off carefully tended lawns to visitors and neighbors, some out in their Sunday best.

To see the entire slide show, click here.


  1. Thanks for inviting the Washingtonian back to our great neighborhood! The 17th annual garden tour organized by the Hillcrest Community Civic Association was wonderful, and Dawn's pictures and words captured it so well. On behalf of the HCCA's garden tour committee, thanks to all who helped make it a such a success in 2010.

  2. We need a strong and intelligent council member who will fight for all of us and not a council member who acts like she lives in Ward 3.