Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fairfax Village will NOT be left out

The DDOT Livability Meeting was better than I expected. We spent most of the time in small groups identifying problem areas using colored pushpins. I thought more people would have attended, but Fairfax Village rolled deep enough to have our own table. We even had four of the seven Villages in the Community Association represented.

The photo is our little map, which is obviously very focused on the Fairfax Village neighborhood. We did look at other parts of the study area, but we figured we'd lay all our issues on the table regardless if they were related or not. We were going to make sure we were heard.

The big issues we identified are:
  • Speeding on Fort Davis St, V St, W St in Fairfax Village
  • Speeding on Alabama Ave and Pennsylvania Ave
  • Intersection of Fort Davis St and Pennsylvania Ave - pedestrian crossing (definitely a game of chicken trying to cross) and signage
  • Lighting needs to be improved on Fort Davis St, V St, W St in Fairfax Village - We have a lot of mature trees that have grown into the cobra head street lights, which reduce their effectiveness
  • Intersection at the alley to Fairfax Village IV's parking lot and Pennsylvania Ave - we have a lot of accidents there
  • There is a need for bus shelters on 38th Street and the intersection of Fort Davis and Pennsylvania Ave SE
  • The bus shelter on the triangle at 38th, Pennsylvania and Alabama needs to be improved and maintained - there is always trash and graffiti
  • Fort Davis, W and all the public alleys in Fairfax Village need to be paved
  • M2 should run more frequently since Naylor Road is the closest metro station to us - right now it only runs during the weekday rush hour.
We obviously discussed more. There is a project website: were you can add additional problem areas and stay up-to-date on the project.


  1. The M2 is not the closest metro. The M6 to potomac avenue is sufficient. It takes less time on the M6 to Potomac Ave. However having the M2 run more often will give more options.

  2. Hey Anonymous... Thanks for your comment.

    According to mapquest, Naylor Road Metro Station is a little over 1 mile from Fairfax Village. Potomac Ave Metro Station is about 2.5 miles from Fairfax Village. The M6 is sufficient, however the M2 gets you to a metro station quicker. Plus there is less traffic going in the direction of Naylor Road than Potomac Ave.

    But you are right, either way it gives us more options. If the M2 ran more often I would more than likely sell my car.

  3. I am always on the fence about bus shelters in residential areas...sometimes lends itself to harboring undesirables....sitting, sleeping and even defacating in the bus shelters.

  4. Advisory Neighborhood Commission 7BThursday, August 12, 2010

    Advisory Neighborhood Commission 7B

    Community Notice

    ANC 7B (SMD 7B05) Special Meeting

    PA AVE Great Street Project

    Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner
    R Hammond Marlin is convening

    Special meeting with
    The Department of Transportation to provide to citizens updates for this project (timelines, “re-excavations”, landscaping), answers questions (Pepco power lines, water and sewage, and how this all may or may not affect your street) and address other concerns presented to the ANC over the months of the project (i.e., to include but is not limited to, maintaining the corridor in a sanitary manner; parking; how much of my land will be affected; new traffic patterns; start and end work schedules for the site; and site management by designated inspectors, and all other concerns.)

    Date: August 19, 2010

    Location: Ryland Methodist Church
    (Corner of Branch Avenue and S Street, SE)
    (Off-street parking and rear lot parking)

    Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
    Refreshments will be served

    All ANC 7B SMD’s Residents/Constituents and Proprietors along Pa Avenue are welcomed to attend.
    Note: ANC 7B SMD’s are 7B01, 7B02, 7B03, 7B04, 7B05, 7B06, and 7B07)

    This is a great opportunity to ask your questions”