Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fairfax Village Celebrities

Fairfax Village was highlighted in the Washington City Paper recap of the DDOT Livability meeting. I tried to capture everyone that didn't make it in WCP's photo. I love the title "Far East will gladly take your Sidewalks." Seriously... we will.

Alex Baca writes
The activity, which lasted over an hour, was fruitful. Out of casual conversation—“I don’t understand people who don’t want sidewalks. If you don’t want sidewalks, we’ll take ‘em!” “How do we decide where we need bus shelters, anyway?” “That hill, it just goes down and shoots back up!” “While we’re there, why don’t we put in a coffeehouse?”—came some real concerns.
To read the entire article, click here

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  1. I loved the article. And thanks for the love Ms. V! Clearly the fact that over 1/3 of the participants in this study represented Fairfax Village spoke volumes. See what we can do when we all get together? We must continue in this vein.