Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Things that go bump in the night - Part II

I was tipped off by on of my neighbors that Wings to Go was coming to Fairfax Village Shopping Center (3800 block of Pennsylvania Ave SE). There is a sign hanging over the old Seafood Market sign, in addition to a sign draped across the bushes. They magically appeared on Monday morning. I was finally able to get out there today to take photos.

Miss V is indifferent (yes I know, you're shocked I don't have an opinion).... While there are other eateries that I would like to see in the space, Wing to Go would be an upgrade from the nasty Seafood Market that was there. If there wings are any good, it will save me from having to drive to satisfy my wing cravings (which I get often). Perhaps it would encourage Danny's (Chinese Carry-out), the Deli, and the liquor store to upgrade their appearance. I just hope they don't install the plexiglass and they allow for a few tables for people to sit and eat.

Miss V plans to contact the Corporate Office tomorrow to get more information, such as the opening date, whether they will be hiring from the community, and to see if I can get a sneak peek at the proposed interior designs. Stay tuned.

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