Friday, May 28, 2010

Paying homage

Earlier this month, Miss V competed with three friends in the DC Challenge. We were given 12 clues to solve. Then as a team we had to go to the location of each clue and take a photo as a team. Despite getting in a good workout in a fun way, I learned some new things about DC that I never knew.

One clue led us to the DC War Memorial. It's tucked in the trees immediately south of the reflecting pool. Honestly in all the times I've been to the Lincoln Memorial, I've never noticed it. The Memorial bares the names of the 26,000 Washingtonians that fought in World War I. The base of the Memorial has the names of the 499 Washingtonians that died during the war. The Memorial is unknown to many, but if you find yourself on the Mall this weekend, I encourage you to pay your respects.

To all the service men and women, Miss V thanks you for your service.


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