Thursday, April 29, 2010

To park or not to park... that is the question

I couldn't help myself with today's blog photo. hehehe... I hope DDOT has a sense of humor. If not, oh well, it's still funny to me. Well we are closer to a resolution regarding parking on Penn Ave SE after the construction is complete. There is a good chance (Miss V crosses fingers) that the parking will remain intact. The project manager is waiting for the necessary approvals, which will hopefully come soon.

I did request that if (and hopefully when) the parking remains in tact, that the parking sign by the Fairfax Village lot be moved at least 5 feet from the curb. It's hard getting out of the lot. Even when you are making a right turn, you can't seen until you are halfway in the street. In my last email to DDOT I did state that if any parking is eliminated, I fully expect DDOT will assist us in finding a solution. Miss V will keep you posted.

Speaking of parking, DPW must really be strapped for cash. Parking enforcement always comes through the Village at 7:00 AM on the weekdays. I could set my alarm to her. Back in March, they started creeping down my street on Saturday mornings. Now, parking enforcement is making several loops during the day. Yesterday, she came through at 3:30, 6:15 and 8:15pm. At least that's when I saw her outside. Today she was creeping through around 2pm. Did I mention that we don't have a parking problem during the day??? Talk about waste of gas. If DPW wants to get paid, then they need to come through after 10 PM any night of the week and the public alley portion of the Fairfax Village lots. Just saying...


  1. High-larious! lol.

  2. Fairfax Village used to have a parking problem during the day, due to Maryland people parking and taking the bus downtown. Will the WMATA rate hikes bring the problem back?