Thursday, April 15, 2010

Taxation without representation

Miss V is in a mood right now... The more I get involved in different issues in DC, the more I understand how some long-time residents on East of the River can be so jaded about city politics. While the focus is on getting statehood so we can have representation on the national level, I'm just trying to figure out who represents the PEOPLE at the local levels. How did I get into this funk today? It's a cumulative effect of events of this week.

I learned yesterday that the Committee on Public Safety and Judiciary will be holding a hearing on the "Crime Bill". I emailed Councilmember-at-large Mendelson requesting the Committee consider community outreach and/or meetings East of the River in light of recent events. This evening, I was informed by one of the staff members that the Committee would be holding a public oversight roundtable on "Community Views on the March 30, 2010 South Capitol Street Shootings" on April 19, 2010 at 9:30 AM to discuss the shootings that took place on South Capitol Street. **drops jaw** Make it say what?

Here's a thought, how about have a public roundtable on the shootings IN THE AFFECTED COMMUNITY at a time when the community can attend.

The Crime Bill is co-sponsored by Jack Evans (Ward - 2), who by the way wants to run for Chairman, and Jim Graham (Ward -1). On Councilmember Evans website is the following quote: “I have heard from numerous residents and civic associations on this issue - people are anxious to see any and all additional measures put in place to help keep our neighborhoods and residents safer.” I feel like I'm a relatively connected person (listservs, blogs, facebook, and such), so IF you had any outreach East of the River, I surely didn't hear about it. Running for Council Chair, are you? **raises brow**

THEN to end my night, a little birdy told me that there is a possibility the provision that requires the Mayor to hold a public hearing in the affected community before disposing of public property may be removed from DC regulations. **side-eye** Translation: The Mayor would be able to sell DC property in your neighborhood without your input.

I know it's not fair to lump everyone together, because there are actually 1 or 2 Councilmembers that show promise of being for the people (K. Brown and H. Thomas). Right now I feel like none of the elected officials are fighting for the people. Where is our representation???


  1. I agree. It is totally irresponsible to think solutions and concerns will be voiced from those residing in the affected area by hosting a meeting during office hours in NW (with insufficient notification). This reeks of "We'll talk about what happened over there (SE) on our time in our way." Thankfully blog postings like this keep folks informed.

  2. thomas and brown? yikes. all style and no substance. just a couple poverty pimps like barry. they are good at going to funerals, but dont do a thing when it comes to legislation. you should be happy evans and graham have the guts to actually dig into the problem as opposed to hugging and singing and talking.

  3. You're right Evans and Graham do have to guts to push legislation to deal with crime. The legislation, though well intentioned, doesn't solve the problem, it just sends the problem to prison. Graham issued the Blueprint for Teen Violence, which (in my opinion) was a great assessment of the underlying issues. Where is the follow-up?

    I give K. Brown a little credit in that he did make noise regarding why the DC Circulator doesn't come East of the River. Even if it was a dog and pony show, it started the dialog about inequities that exist in the City. My neighbors are keeping the discussion alive.

    H. Thomas, though I hear his hands aren't completely clean, is at least willing to challenge Fenty appointees regarding the decisions they make.

  4. We need new leadership in this City... Real leaders who can't be bought or compromised.