Monday, April 26, 2010

So... when is our meeting?

Miss V received a response from the Public Outreach Coordinator regarding the elimination of parking at the completion of the Pennsylvania Ave Great Streets project. She stated that the parking will be eliminated during construction, but there is no final decision regarding after the project is completed. We can expect a newsletter with more information. Councilmember Alexander stated that she would work with DDOT. ***heavy sigh***

I appreciate the newsletter and the Councilmember's concern, but at what point will the community be involved??? I sent an email back to both of them requesting a meeting between DDOT and at the very least the leadership of Fairfax Village. Although this is a two year project, I think the dialog between DDOT and the community needs to begin now. I haven't heard back yet. I will be following up at the end of the week.

There is no need to be scared of meeting with us. We are educated people who can absorb the information and provide an opinion. In talking with one of my neighbors he actually wouldn't mind eliminating parking on Penn Ave if there was another solution to the parking issue. This is information DDOT could receive if they met with the Fairfax Village community.

For the record, Miss V is not trying to derail the project. I am just pushing for engagement with my community.

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