Friday, April 23, 2010

Miss Information or Misinformation?

There is confusion going on in the Village and Miss V is trying to get to the bottom of the truth. The Pennsylvania Ave Great Streets project is well under way. Back in November Miss V wrote about her excitement about the project. Since December they have been ripping up the road to lay new piping. It has caused some delays, but I've learned different work-a-rounds during construction times. I'm willing to sacrifice for beauty.

However, this week Miss V and the other residents in Fairfax Village received a letter from a resident stating that during and after the Great Streets Project, on-street parking on the 3900 block of Pennsylvania Ave would be eliminated. *** Makeitsay "WHAT?"*** Now we were prepared to deal with elimination of on-street parking during construction, but after is new information to all of us.

The on-street parking situation in this area is horrible right now. The street is bumper-to-bumper parked cars by 9:00 PM. I just want to point out that there is no mention of existing parking conditions in the Existing Conditions section of the Final Report. My guess is that someone probably drove up the street during the day when parking isn't an issue.

In all the meetings I've attended, I've never heard about this. I went to the DDOT website designated for this project only to be greeted by "Page cannot be found". I looked at the Final Report approved in 2007 and nowhere did I see mention of elimination of on-street parking.

Miss V sent the following email to the Public Outreach Coordinator for the project and Councilmember Alexander:

This week, Fairfax Village received a notice from one of our residents regarding the elimination of parking on Penn Ave at the completion of the project. We were anticipating parking pains during the construction process, but we were not informed that these pains would be permanent. I went to the outreach website specific to this project to learned that is has been deactivated. I reviewed the Final Report approved in 2007 and could not find any reference to the elimination of parking. Please confirm if the elimination of parking on Penn Ave is accurate information.

Regardless if the elimination of parking is accurate or not, I would like to suggest targeted outreach to Fairfax Village and residents who live on the north-side of Penn Ave to provide information on the project and answer questions within the next 60 days. In talking to my neighbors there is understandable concern given the existing lack of on-street parking.


Miss V

I'm anxiously awaiting a response. I will definitely keep you posted.

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