Friday, March 12, 2010

Working Together: Improving Education

I posed several questions on how we move forward as a community. Commissioner Ellis (ANC - 8C01) commented on that post and so eloquently pointed out that we can't get sidetracked by things of lesser importance. He suggested that we focus on School, Jobs, and Crime.

There are enough of us living East of the River who are college-educated with professional careers. We need to do our part in the community by helping the next generation. Last year I was shocked to learned that so many of our young people feel hopeless in the Council report "A Blueprint for Action". Imagine the impact we could have if each of us just gave one kid hope for the future.

I've previously mentioned two great organizations that serve our children in Wards 7 and 8: College and Career Connections and DC College Success Foundation. DC College Success Foundation is looking for close to 200 college-graduates to mentor high school Seniors through the college application process. The commitment is 1 hour a month. College and Career Connections is looking for monetary donations as their funding is dwindling. In addition, they are looking for professionals to talk to the kids about careers and/or take the kids on a tour of their job.

We are all busy people, but we have time to spare. The time and energy we expend complaining about the kids can be re-focused into time and energy helping the kids. Just so you know Miss V isn't all talk. I've been a Big Sister for 3.5 years to a girl who lives in Congress Heights. Staring this Spring, I'll be a Hometown Mentor for the DC College Success Foundation. Now that I know about College and Career Connection, I'm signing up to be volunteer to tell the kids about being an urban planner and a civil engineer.

Here is a great video they showed at the College and Career Connections fundraiser that I attended:

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