Monday, March 1, 2010

One way to close the budget gap

I don't know what happened in the staff meeting at DC Department of Public Works (DPW) within the last two weeks, but parking enforcement has been overly aggressive in Fairfax Village. We don't even have a parking problem, so I can only image how bad it is downtown. Parking enforcement has always been consistent in my neighborhood in the morning. As surely as the sun rises, I can depend on the little white parking enforcement vehicle cruising down my street between 7:00 and 7:15 AM during the weekdays. I can also depend on my neighbors running out in their PJs trying to move their car from the illegal spots before she shows up.

The last two Saturday mornings, the hardworking people at DPW have taken parking enforcement to a whole other level. Last Saturday when I was walking my dogs around 8 AM, I see the parking enforcement van creeping through my neighborhood. I went in the house to feed the dogs. When I came back out at 9 AM, a good 6 or 7 cars on my block had the bright orange boots. This past Saturday the same thing happen with the exception of they were booting and towing people.

I can't be mad at DPW employees for doing their job. I was jokingly giving one of the guys a hard time for booting people on a Saturday knowing that people have errands to run all day. He just gave me the Kanye shrug and went back to booting.

If you have any outstanding parking tickets within the legal boundaries of DC, I strongly suggest that you get that handled or don't park your car on a public street. This is not a game, people. Once you are booted, you have to pay all outstanding tickets plus an additional $75 to have the boot removed.


  1. And DPW isn't open on Saturdays (or is it?) to pay the boot and parking fees? WTH?!

  2. Wow that is intense. I have been noticing the same thing happening.

  3. @Anonymous... You can pay online or at DMV. If you pay early enough they will come back on Saturday to remove the boot. Otherwise, I think you have to wait until Monday.

    @Chris... it's NOT a game. I wonder if they'll be out on Saturday.