Thursday, February 4, 2010

Terrorist Threat: Code Red

I have no idea what the Department of Homeland Security Terrorist Threat levels mean. After speaking to a specialist from the DC Department of Health, I'm taking it upon myself to issue a Code Red. Yesterday, my dog was attacked by a monster that terrorized the neighborhood for a good portion of the afternoon.

According to the specialist, last month a woman was walking with her service dog, along the 3800 Block of Suitland Road. The monster knocked her down, then nipped her dog's ear. The monster was placed on the POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS list. Yesterday's event will more than likely elevate the status to the DANGEROUS list.

An inspector will be coming to my house this afternoon to inspect both of my dogs and officially place them on a 10-day quarantine. At the end of 10 days they will come back to clear them. Animal Control will attempt to get the dangerous dog this evening. If the owners decline to turn the dog over, they will have to get a warrant.

If you witnessed yesterday's event, please contact Molly Lunaris, specialist at Department of Health, at (202) 535-2508 or via email

I did learn something about the breed. It's a Presa Canario. The photo below is similar to the monster. According to information I found online, they can be aggressive and dangerous if they aren't trained properly as puppies. Historically, they were used in dog fighting in Europe. However, if they are trained properly, they are extremely affectionate.

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