Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowtorious S.N.O. in the Village

Photos taken at 9 AM, while I was walking my dogs. I spent 2.5 years in Upstate New York for grad school. Not only did I get a quality education from an Ivy League institution, but I also learned how to dress for the weather. Miss V had on ski pants (thanks Dad... sorry I ever laughed at that present), ski coat, and Merrell boots. Photo of me below... I'm smeyezing (Tyra Banks' term for smiling with your eyes)

Man trying to dig out his car on W St. He wants to reduce his workload later. Smart Man. Although, when the snow plow comes through he's going to have a whole new set of issues.
Looking down Fort Davis St. It's so peaceful. Looks like a something you'd see inside a snowdome.
Yes, there is a car under there. What to guess what kind? I'm so glad I have a garage.
Looking up 38th St.
Of course as soon as I get back in the house the maintenance crew show up to shovel us out. Photo taken from my bathroom window.


  1. Wow! LOL! You are ready for the snowfight! lol

  2. IV has really been shoveled out already? Amazing. VI hasn't even been touched, except by a few enterprising residents!