Monday, February 8, 2010

Next winter I'm migrating south

This has been probably the second worse winter of my life. The worse was 2002-2003 when I lived in Upstate New York. That winter we got hit with an 8 inch snow every other day (at least that's what it felt like). Although, I'm pretty sure, the DC area won't have it this bad again for a while, I'm not taking any chances. Since I'm self-employed and can work remotely, I've decided I'm migrating south for winter. Maybe Puerto Rico (photo above was taken in PR in 2009) or the Dominican.... who knows. Anywho... enough about my issues.

The National Weather Service has issued an updated Winter Storm Watch for another winter storm. The storm is currently forecast to arrive around 2-3PM Tuesday, and will last through Wednesday late afternoon. The updated forecast now calls for at least 8" snow, with over 10" quite possible. The NWS Storm Prediction Center currently shows a 10-40% chance of the storm generating over 12".

The D.C. Metro area is close to the south edge of this storm, so to some degree the storm totals will depend on the exact path of the storm. Temperatures will start near freezing, but will drop into the mid-upper 20's during the storm. Wednesday high is 33-36. Winds will be 15-25 MPH with higher gusts. A Winter Storm Warning is highly likely to be issued later today.

Please get emergency supplies before the storm strikes, as driving will become even more hazardous after the storm begins. Please also secure all loose objects on your property.

UPDATE (3:30 PM): National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for D.C., effective noon tomorrow to 7PM Wednesday. All parts of the forecast that were just sent remain the same, except the projected snow totals HAVE BEEN INCREASED TO 10-20".


  1. Hi Ms. V

    I just recently purchased in Village II and Im wondering who is responsible for clearing the private lots where our garages are located.. I have a flight scheduled to leave from Richmond, VA in four hours and I haven't been able to get my car out since Friday of last week. My daughter and I could use food.. and frankly we're running low on toilet paper I've called the office repeatedly and continue to get an answering service.. where they tell me someone named "Calvin" will call me back. I'm up to phone call number five and still waiting on "Calvin" (I put him in quotes cause I don't think he exists) to return my calls. I was hoping you could help.. maybe..

  2. Brown Home Improvement (BHI) is responsible for snow removal. I just emailed the owner with my disappointment in the quality of service. Per their contract, they are only required to remove snow in the driveway leading up to the lot and access to the dumpster. It is NOT in their contract to clean the whole lot. Makes no sense, right?