Wednesday, February 3, 2010

March 1st can't get here quick enough

Ray's the Steaks East River will be opening it's doors on March 1st. Back in December, I got a sneak peek while it was under construction. Having heard Mr. Landrum's vision, I was inspired not only by his passion for making magic in the kitchen, but also why he chose Ward 7 as the home for his new restaurant.

The Washington Post wrote a "good" article on Mr. Landrum and his Ray's empire. I only say good, because the article has whitewashed Mr. Landrum's story. During the community meeting back in December, Mr. Landrum told his story of humble beginnings as a busboy. He walked us through his struggles and triumphs. Mr. Landrum could have chosen anywhere else in the city for his restaurant, but he CHOSE Ward 7. No one courted him. No one gave him any incentives.

The Washington Post mentions the forty-five new jobs that this restaurant is adding. BUT, they left out, Mr. Landrum has been training Ward 7 residents in his other restaurants for them to then have management positions at the new restaurant. Mr. Landrum told us he was committed to hiring Ward 7 residents to work in his restaurant. In addition, as he told us back in December during the construction process, the construction crews were residents of Ward 7 and 8. But... as we all know Wapo doesn't tell the whole story.

I welcome Mr. Landrum to our Ward and will do all that I can to support this restaurant.


  1. wow. what really good news. I was looking forward to Ray's, now I'm really pumped. Thanks for sharing some postive news.

  2. mmmmm...let's start a countdown.