Sunday, February 7, 2010

Future business men

In the span of 20 minutes, I organized three boys and turned them in the a multi-hundred dollar business enterprise. I grew up in New Jersey. When it's snowed, I couldn't get outside fast enough to walk around the neighborhood to make money. At the tender age of 13, I could easily make $150 in cash.

These kids now and days, lack that entrepreneurial spirit aka the internal hustle. This morning, I was out back helping one of my older neighbors dig out his car, when I saw these three kids walking around looking lost. I asked them why they weren't getting their hustle on. They started giving me excuses. After talking when them, I helped them develop their pricing structure and strategy for getting business. I loaned them a shovel and helped them get started with their first clients.

While I was outside supervising their work, other people in the community asked them if they would dig out their cars. I could have easily complained about why these kids are just standing around playing. However, I motivated them into a mini-business. The one thing it let me know is these young boys are really good kids, who need some guidance and an outlet to keep them occupied.

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  1. While I was digging my car out, a young gentleman came up and also started digging. I thought maybe he owned the car behind me, but lo and behold, suddenly he came around the side and starting digging out around my tires. My neighbor DJ had been outside for over 3 hours helping others dig their cars out. I hadn't asked for help he just came up and started digging. He wasn't much for conversation, but he stuck around until I could safely pull the car out. Quite the hard worker. And when he finished with me, he moved on to help another neighbor.