Sunday, February 7, 2010

Even Councilmembers get no love

This is a photo from Councilmember Alexander taken on her block. Even she can't get her street plowed. I just came in from walking my dogs. There are 8-10 cars stuck (and not moving anytime soon) on 38th ST SE. 38th ST SE is a MAJOR commuter bus route (V5, M6, M2). I understand that this is a monumental event, but in my humble little opinion if you are going to declare the government open then all designated snow evacuation routes, major roads, and bus routes should be cleared to the asphalt by now.

Our beloved mayor will only be delaying school 2 hours and City government 1 hour. Councilmember K. Brown issued a statement urging Fenty to close the government. Everyone else seems to get it, but our Mayor. Federal Government - Closed. Arlington County - Closed. City of Alexandria - Closed.

***shaking my head***


  1. The schools are closed but the administrative offices are open an hour late as is the DC government.

  2. Yeah... getting ready to update... I posted before that decision