Friday, February 5, 2010

Come around my way...

Want to feel like a kid again??? Don't want to be stuck in the house for Snowmageddon?? Well then just hobo your way to Ward 7th Heaven for the Fort Dupont Park/Randle Circle snowball fight. It will be Saturday February 6th from noon-2pm (or we get tired, which ever comes first). This is a family friendly community event, so bring the whole family.

More than likely driving is not going to be an option. If WMATA is still running the M6 will get you from Fairfax Village/Hillcrest down to Minnesota Ave SE, then it's just a one block walk. If you are coming from the other side of the River, the M6 will bring you from Potomac Ave Metro station (Orange/Blue line). Push comes to shove, it is a walkable distance from Fairfax Village/Hillcrest.

If you want to RVSP, click here to get to the facebook invite.

Now for some of you this is going to be your first snowball fight in a looooooooooooong time. So here are some tips on "winning" a snowball fight from wiki-how
  1. Cover yourself when necessary. Cover is important so using trees and other barriers is something to consider.
  2. If possible, try to create forts made out of tightly packed snow to hide behind.
  3. Use teamwork! If you're playing with a group try to get an opponent singled out and focus your snowballing efforts. Split up and attack from different directions.
  4. Trick your opponents. Act like you are retreating, but have reinforcements waiting behind a hill or trees, and lead the enemy right to them!
  5. Fight a defensive battle if you are losing, but never an evasive battle. If you keep retreating, your team will be confined to a small area and surrounded. Hold your ground, and have a huge reserve of snowballs.

Hope to meet all of you tomorrow!!!


  1. Kewl!! This beats going to 14th and U NW!!!

  2. It sure qill... the Councilmembers that live in Ward 7 may make a cameo appearance.