Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where are the people on their grind??? YESH.

Since I have a captive audience, please forgive me as I diverge a little today.. I might even get a little preachy. Effective next Monday I'll be working for myself, which means my time is money. In preparation for life getting even more hectic, I started thinking of parts of my life I can outsource.

For example, I HATE opening mail. Mail can easily pile up a month or two before I go through it. I would LOVE to hire a personal assistant to come in once a week to open, sort, file and shred my mail. Before you even go there, YES, I could call to get my name off the lists, but that takes time. My personal assistant could make those calls for me. Another example, I keep my house very clean, especially since I have two dogs. I would LOVE to hire someone to come in once a month and thoroughly clean every nook and cranny of my house.

While these services exist, NONE of them are Wards 7 or 8 based businesses. With all this unemployment going on, where are the people that are determined to make a way even if there is no way? Where are the people that are tired of making someone else rich and ready to make life happen for themselves? Think about it... a cleaning service is a nice little hustle for anyone.

My grandparents where not academically educated people. My grandmother was nurse at night, but she turned the basement into a beauty salon and did hair during the day. My grandfather was a bellhop in hotel. He saved his pennies and eventually started his own taxi service. My grandparents put FIVE kids through college, owned their home, and made it work.

So how is it that two non-academically educated people in the South during Jim Crow where able to make it work, but the people living in DC with PLENTY of government services can complain that they can't find work? If you can't find work, start your own company. It's 2010 people... Let's do better and expect more of ourselves.


  1. People might be reluctant to go into homes in River East to clean and homeowners in River East might be reluctant to allow folk(s) inside their homes to clean...?


  2. Girl you are so right! It is all about the grind. I was talking to a friend last year and I was saying this would be the perfect time to start an affordable personal assistant business. I would so pay someone to run my errands and such. This recession is all about doing your hustle.

  3. I agree totally agree with you. People need to be on their grind. By the grace of God, I make a comfortable living, but I am constantly looking at side hustles because I have additional talents I want to tap into, and I want to bring in additional income.

    Note to condo owners: if you're behind on your condo fees, try providing services to your condo association (cleaning or landscaping) in exchange for a credit on your account. This stuff isn't rocket science and both the resident and the condo association will benefit.