Thursday, January 28, 2010

Red-headed Step Child of Hillcrest

For the record, Fairfax Village is within the legal boundary of the Hillcrest Community Civic Association. Hence and therefore we ARE part of the Hillcrest community. We are a neighborhood within a neighborhood. For some reason we are the unmentioned part of Hillcrest.

Every few years there is an article on the Hillcrest neighborhood. Mainly because we have beautiful homes that mimic anything seen in Cleveland Park. Not to mention all three Councilmembers that live in Ward 7 live here. Two things are always consistent about the articles... 1) come see this place in the east with the beautiful homes and 2) Hillcrest is the neighborhood to live in (in so many words).

Yesterday the Washington Examiner had an article entitled "Hillcrest on the Rise". First and foremost Hillcrest never fell to have to "rise" again. BUT more importantly no mention of Fairfax Village. The author describes Hillcrest as "Located roughly between Pennsylvania Avenue, Southern Avenue and Naylor Road, the neighborhood is a collection of single-family homes with large lawns, soaring trees and friendly people."

Now if you know your geography then you know that Fairfax Village is the part of Hillcrest that touches Pennsylvania Ave and Southern Ave. Yet, he specifically states it is a collections of single family homes. ***Sigh*** What about Fairfax Village??? We are garden-style 1940 condominiums. As a matter of fact I think we are the only medium density development in Hillcrest (I need to fact check that). Naylor Gardens is the other medium-density development in Hillcrest.

I'm writing a letter to the author.... ***pouts***


  1. A link to a 1993 Washington Post article about Fairfax Village:

  2. Thanks for the link. I remember reading that article in 2005, when I was looking for my condo... Hopefully one day we can get an updated article.

  3. There is also the Naylor Gardens cooperative along Naylor Road. Very similar to Fairfax Village, (though smaller buildings). They have been a co-op for many years,even before fairfax village which went condo in the mid to late 70s.

  4. I always forget about Naylor Gardens. Probably because I rarely have to go in that direction.

  5. unforutnately, Hillcrest and other parts of Southeast all get lumped together, hence the notion of "Hillcrest on the rise", when it has indeed never fallen. The fact that many people don't know there are many 500K - upper bracket homes in River East particularly between Fort Baker and 36th Street, represents a great ignorance about neighborhoods east of the river