Monday, January 11, 2010

FINALLY getting attention

One talent that I've had since I was a little wee one, is getting attention. In elementary school I was the know-it-all AND class clown (don't ask). Finally Fairfax Village is getting some much needed attention.

We had a training for the HOA boards that fall under the Fairfax Village Community Association yesterday morning. I knew that Councilmember Mendelson and his staff were going to be in attendance to talk about some of the things they have helped us with as a result of our Security Walk. I felt there was a 50/50 chance that Amin Muslim from Ward 7 Councilmember Alexander's office would show up and he did. BUT be still my beating little heart when Councilmember Alexander herself walked in. I almost fell out my chair.

We talked through some of the bigger issues. It was encouraging to hear Councilmember Mendelson talking about the potential of the Council initiating a study to look the Justice system as it relates to repeat offenders and people being released hours after they are arrested. I appreciate BOTH of the Councilmembers and their staff for attending the meeting.

After the Councilmembers left, we discussed some issues that we are having at the Community Association level. DRAMA and DYSFUNCTION... too much to even begin to dissect. For the Community Association to function properly, the seven HOA boards need to function properly. Right now Fairfax Village IV (MY BOARD) is the only one that has a full board. *shaking my head* I don't want to show my entire hand, but Village IV is about to make some noise throughout all the villages. Stay tuned.

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