Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A brand new day

Happy New Year faithful readers. I'm back with a renewed energy. On a personal note, I quit my job to step out on faith and start a consulting company with a friend. As a result, I've cleared some stuff off my plate to make time for the new venture. What does this mean for Life in the Village?

Do not fret, my friends. I will be the same Miss V you know and love (or hate depending of if you been previously put on blast by me...LOL). As a matter of fact, I'm about to turn up the heat in 2010. I will be holding more people accountable. This includes, but not limited to, the leadership and residents in Fairfax Village, the City Council, and our beloved mayor. We all have to do our part to make this City a better place. I am MORE than willing to hold up my end of the bargain.

Speaking of which... Another big shot out to Councilmember-at-large Mendelson's staff, Ofc LaFrance, and DC Housing for stepping up to the plate to fix the issue of residents receiving public housing vouchers while violating the law and the rules of the program and the by-laws of the Village.

***Side note: notice a certain Ward Councilmember (cough) and their staff are noticeably absent from my shout outs (raises brow)***

I'm happy to report that two detectives from DC Housing were on-site today to inspect one of the units causing troubles for Village IV. In addition, I provided DC Housing with a map of the village. They are going to cross-reference the addresses with their database to check up on the residents to ensure they are complying with the rules.

I spy with my little eye a change coming to Fairfax Village. There are enough residents willing to stand up to protect and enhance the community. We WILL rid ourselves of drugs, prostitution, and tomfoolery.


  1. Congratulations girl!!! That is great news! I am working on a business of my own with a friend and fellow river easter. This is great news! You have to step out to do it! You will succeed!

  2. May you be successful as you branch out and thanks for all your hard work in the community!!!