Monday, December 21, 2009

UGH..... What happen to standards?

Maybe the NyQuil and this cold is affecting me, but I'm in a crabby mood. Before I get on my soap box, let me explain how Fairfax Village is all tribal and what not. Fairfax Village is made up of nine individual HOAs (yeah... don't ask). Seven of the nine HOAs comprise the Fairfax Village Community Association. The President of the CA signs all contracts on behalf of the seven HOAs. That being said....

Some of the CA Board Members have expressed concern from their respective boards on the quality of work (or lack thereof) of our maintenance company. The CA President, who by the way owns here but does not live here, said she wanted proof. ***rolls eyes*** Maybe if she lived here, she would see for herself (oops did I say that outloud... whatevs)

I emailed the Village IV CA Representative to outline where the Maintenance Company has NOT fulfilled the requirements of the contract. Below are photos of alleged snow removal. REALLY??? SERIOUSLY?

This is a photo of the sidewalk between Village IV and V. There's about 2 inches of ice, that I almost busted my hindparts on this morning. Am I wrong for expecting to actually see the sidewalk? FAIL!!!

This is a photo of the driveway that leads to the parking lot, garages and dumpster. Per the contract, they are required to clear this driveway and access to the dumpsters. The cleared line that you see is from people driving out of the driveway. FAIL!
While I'm not one to be all willynilly with assertion of power, I did request the Treasurer NOT to pay any invoice related to snow and ice removal until we discussed what was and was not done per the contract documents. UGH... I'm going back to sleep.


  1. Ummm...seriously how can you have president that owns but doesnt live there? THAT MAKES NO SENSE!!

    That is not addressed in the bylaws? I know my condo is clear you have to own here and live here to be elected to the board.

  2. The CA Prez doesn't live there??? wow.

  3. TRASH!!! Our condo docs were written when Barry was Mayor... there is nothing to regulate that the president be on site.