Monday, December 7, 2009

This is not a drill people....

You said you wanted a sit down restaurant East of the River where you can take your friends for drinks. Now it's time to your part.

Ray's the Steaks, the third in a chain of highly successful restaurants owned and operated by Michael Landrum, will open in Ward7 at East River Shopping Center in late Winter 2010. The restaurants its in Commissioner Rhodes' Single Member District. There is a rumor that he and a few neighbors plan to mount a protest to the application instead of negotiating with Landrum for a voluntary agreement (has not been verified).

They have concerns about alcohol sales until 12a. It is imperative that Commissioner Rhodes hears from residents in his SMD (find out by goingto "find your polling place" or call 727-2525) and from East of the River residents about the importance for us to negotiate as a first step instead of outright protest.

If you support the location of Ray's the Steaks in River East, email Eddie Rhodes, 7A06, by Thursday, December 10th with the following script.

Eddie Rhodes 7A06
Hi, my name is ___. I live in Ward __ (or your address if you live in his SMD). I understand some 7A06SMD neighbors are planning to protest the alcohol license for Ray's the Steaks locating to your SMD in late winter 2010. Commissioner Rhodes, I respectfully request that you support the approval of an alcohol license for Ray's the Steaks and negotiate a voluntary agreement with restaurant owner Michael Landrum.

As a community leader, it is important that you work with neighbors and businesses to change negative perceptions about Wards 7 and 8. Ray's the Steaks is the third restaurant in a successful chain of restaurants owned and operated by Michael Landrum. Landrum's decision to locate a profitable, upscale restaurant in East of the River will go along way to finally attracting quality retail to our communities and helping us capture more tax dollars for the area.

I support the approval of Ray's the Steaks's alcohol license and stand ready to help you negotiate a voluntary agreement with Michael Landrum. I look forward to hearing from you with your decision.

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  1. He can come over to ward 8. we would welcome the establishment as long as it's respectable.
    The Debutante

  2. LOL... girl these people will cut off their noses to spite their face. They claim there too many liquor licenses... I bet 99% are for liquor stores. SMH

  3. Wow, did anyone remind the protesters that the restaurants are so good that Obama ate there?

  4. Eddie Rhodes called me just now in response to my letter to him and basically told me my opinion doesn't matter because I live in Ward 8 and if I like the business so much I should invite them to come to my neighborhood. I told himI would love to have the business in my neighborhood and to exclude people who dont live in that SMD but live in River East from voicing their opinion is short sighted. I also told him I will post this letter on my blog and perhaps more residents from within and outside that SMD will weigh in as well.


  5. BTW isn't the Charmaine Exum mentioned in the article blasting the restaurant the same ANC Commissioner accused of stealing ANC 7A funds? Somewhere over $15,000? Perhaps she should get her own house in order.

  6. Oh my people... my people... I'm about to drop a BOMB on you tonight... STAY TUNED!!!!

  7. what a bonehead!!! Man, are we going backwards or what!!! I thought DC Govt was getting better. Even on the local level, we are screwed up!!