Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmm

I went to my first Fairfax Village Community Association Meeting tonight. Shame on me for not attending sooner. I didn't realize the depth of the incompetence of some of the members. The meeting was filled with mostly low points. Every time the President opened her mouth, I had to mentally tivo the moment just to be sure I heard what I heard.

The meeting started about 10 minutes late and I want to point out the President never called roll. Officer LaFrance gave a police update. Apparently crime was down the past 30 days. Snaps for Officer LaFrance and all his hard work protecting the village. Then we started the discussion on the previous security walk. The meeting took an IMMEDIATE turn for the worse.

What happened? Well the CA members who attended the walk were expressing their frustration with our maintenance contractor for not repairing broken/burned out lights identified in a timely manner. The President gets on her high horse about how we need proof and documentation. ***raises brow*** One of the CA members stated that she records the date and time when she contacts the office for repairs. Another CA member stated she walked the grounds with the maintenance contractor. Yet, nothing had been done. The CA President goes on a tirade about how we have to document... blah blah blah (sorry that's all I heard after the first sentence).

We got a presentation by our insurance company. We've had three claims in the past three months all related to Bebe's kids cutting the power lines so they can get high in peace. Despite the claims, our premiums have gone down... whoot whoot. Then the representative mention as part of our insurance the company will come out and do a FREE assessment. The President states that she and the board will think about.... Not quite sure what needs to be analyzed.

The petition for security cameras at 38th and Alabama was discussed. After a circuitous discussion it was realized that we weren't getting anywhere with DC government (that's a shocker... NOT).

Then we moved onto contracts. One CA member expressed concern about one of our contractors, to which the President (i.e. the one who signs contracts) asks if she still use that contractor. ***side-eye*** I feel like she should know that. Just saying...

The meeting ajourned... It was painful, but I'm glad I attended.


  1. Not sure if I should laugh or cry but I totally sympathize!

  2. love the bebe's kids reference!

  3. I have lived in Fairfax Village for over 30 years, and for the first 25 years, it has been a growing and rewarding experience. We have had our "ups" and "downs" with management(FV being a self-managed corporation). For the last five or six years, the Fairfax Village Community Association is the most incompetent Board since l975. I agree with Miss V, it's painful to watch our community die a slow and painful death.