Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Revolution will NOT be televised... but it might be blogged

The one thing I can't stand more than sub-par services is a nasty azz attitude when I call you on it. I emailed the owner of our maintenance company to let her know that I was disappointed in the quality of snow and ice removal. I also outline where they failed to fulfill their duties as outlined in the contract. I ended the email by asking when I could expect these items to be addressed. I even asked two co-workers to read it before I sent it to make sure I didn't come off nasty.

NOW in a perfect customer service world I expect an email back that says something like this: "Ms. V. Thank you for your email. I can assure you that our crews are working hard to address snow and ice removal in Fairfax Village. I ask for your patience as this was an unusual storm event for DC and our company was not equip to handle the volume." If I had received this in my inbox, I probably would have let this issue go.

BUT instead I got all types of lipservice. The opening paragraph of the response was this: I disagree with you in reference to the quality of service provided for snow removal. Brown Home Improvement was and is in compliance with its contract with Fairfax Village as well as with DC law. I think your feeling of disappointment is premature. I believe it's unreasonable to acknowledge the unusual circumstances and not acknowledge the extra time and labor it's taking to address the circumstances. All of your concerns are valid and we welcome you to contact us whenever you have an issue or concern."

Is it premature to expect that by Tuesday morning, over 48 hours AFTER the snow stopped, the sidewalks would be clear? Oh and by the way, they didn't show up yesterday AT ALL. Oh and by the way she wasn't on the property on Sunday to confirm the quality of snow and ice removal. The the email blabs for about 6 sentences about this was the biggest storm in history... blah blah blah. She goes on to say that they cleared the sidewalks on Sunday and the packed snow that I see is snow that fell on the sidewalk.

***PAUSE*** I walked my dogs three times on Sunday and three times on Monday. At NO point in any of those walks was the sidewalk visible. She and I exchanged a few more emails. Trying to understand why I'm getting all this extra with my village pays over $5,000 a month for their "services". I left it at "I look forward to seeing the sidewalks and driveways cleaned per the contract. Thanks for your attention to this matter."

She popped an attitude with the WRONG one. In talking with some old timers in the village she apparently nasty to everyone because she knows she has the CA President in her pocket. As far as I'm concerned, she can lose the 'tude.

Don't let me have to stage a coup d'etat out this peace. ***raises brown*** Interesting idea.


  1. Oh Hell no. *rip* that would be the sound of me ripping up their contract. I wouldnt pay them a dime with that attitude. In this tough financial climate there are plenty of companies out there that would be way too happy to take your business and do a good job. People kill me. I vote for a coup.

  2. also the email needs to be directed at the president to let her/him know that s/he should be demanding the walks be cleared.

  3. @the advoc8te... oh you know I am not about to stand for this crap. Wheels are already in motion. At the end of the day, my Village can vote to pull out of the contract.

    @Maceo.... The President was CC'd on the email correspondence. Of course she had nothing to say. She's weak.

  4. Good Luck !!! I used to live in the Village, Brown has been there for ~ 20 years, maybe more. Her dad worked there as an employee, and then as a contractor until he died. There has been at 30 years of problems with service at Fairfax Village. At one time a Fairfax Village office worker did the books for Brown as well as Fairfax Village, I don't know if that is still true.

    The problem with getting a new company is that the Brown employees know the grounds and buildings so well, and there are no mechanical plans,blueprints ect; for each building. It is extremely difficult for a condo board to hire a new company.

    By the way, I do hope that you do become involved with your Condo Board of Directors. Being on the board is difficult and thankless job.