Tuesday, December 8, 2009

False Alarm People

Let me be CRYSTAL CLEAR.... This isn't a gossip blog. I do not maintain this blog to be malicious or defamatory in any way. This blog is just a method to communicate my thoughts, feelings, and ideas to people in my neighborhood and who are interested in my neighborhood. In addition, I try to convey information from community leaders. I HAVE NO HIDDEN AGENDA.

One of the things that I struggle with in DC is the fact that everything is so political. People think they can smooth talk you, wink and smile and all is well with the world. While DC is my home now, I'm still a Jersey girl through and through. We are straight-talkers who don't take BS from anyone. Now why am I upset. Let me 'splain.

Yesterday I posted a request for you to email Commissioner Rhodes in support of the liquor license for Ray's the Steaks East River, which is in his SMD. Today's turn of events have me giving Commissioner Rhodes the "talk to the hand". He left me a voicemail around lunch saying that I was providing erroneous information. I sent him an email back basically stating that if I have provided any erroneous information, please send me the correct information. I would be more than happy to "eat crow" and correct the information.

He called me back and basically stated that no decision has been made to protest. **raises brow** He stated their were minor issues that needed to be addressed with Mr. Landrum. I asked him to give an example. He said one minor little issue is that neighbors of the adjoining properties want a fence. He said that he thought they were easy things to address. He ended with he was trying to get Mr. Landrum on the phone and had been unsuccessful.

I assume Commissioner Rhodes thought that little pat on the head speech was enough to make me go away. In an effort to not put out erroneous information... I'll stick to the facts.

FACT: According to ANC 7A07 Commissioner Johnson, Commissioner Rhodes has not been at an ANC 7A Meeting since April/May of this year.

FACT: According to ANC 7A07 Commissioner Johnson, ANC 7A voted to give Mr. Landrum a letter of support at the October Meeting. A meeting that Commissioner Rhodes did NOT attend.

FACT: In an email from Mr. Rhodes to a community member with the date and time stamp of 12/7/09 , 3:18 PM states "I hope you will be available to testify at the hearing. It looks like we will have to protest this."

FACT: This aforementioned community member asks Commissioner Rhodes what are his issues with the liquor license. Commissioner Rhodes responds at 4:51 PM "None, but a number of people have indicated to me that they have some problems with adding another liquor license in the community. So I will give anyone a chance to make their case for or ageist[sic]."

FACT: Commissioner Rhodes stated on the phone with me that he is "frustrated" that he has been unable to get in contact with Mr. Landrum. **raises brow** Funny thing is Mr. Landrum answered my call after three rings and indulged me in a 15-minute conversation.

I understand that some times things can be taken out of context. So I won't blow the "It looks like we will have to protest this" out of proportion. **side-eye** However, Commissioner Rhodes should have represented the interest of his SMD at the ANC 7A meeting in October when this was on the agenda. The decision has been made. ANC 7A has spoken, so as far as I'm concerned, Commissioner Rhodes can keep it moving.

For the record, I fully support Mr. Landrum and I have every intention of being at the Grand Opening!!!


  1. Did I mention today how much I love River East blogs? I do! Great information and very well said. That Commissioner was rude and out of pocket. I couldn't believe he called me with his foolishness.

  2. GIRRRRRRRL... He's not getting any additional tingle of my brain cells. I'm over him. I was NOT the one to BS with. Talk to me straight. If you dropped the ball, just say you dropped the ball. I'll have more respect for you in the end.

  3. On the flip side - you got a call from the Commissioner - your blog is absolutely influential!

  4. Wow, keep hitting them with the facts, that keeps the BS out!

  5. Wow, keep hitting them with the facts, that keeps the BS out of sight!!!!

  6. While ANC7A06's cover is blown Ray's the Steaks' supporters STILL need to show up @ 3839 Minn Ave NE 12/10, 630p cmty mtg. The naysayers will still be there and they must be shut down. To quote Teddy Riley, "It ain't ova...The party's not ova. Dum, dum, diddyy!"

  7. Great blog! Glad I found this... Eddie, my friend, if you're reading this...we need this one, plain and simple... You very well know that we've been fighting for years to get a quality sit-down restaruant where we can conduct business as well as take our families/visitors; This is about what's best for Ward 7, and keeping tax revenue in DC! And Ray's needs to have a liscense to serve alcoholic drinks...Many of us are tired of having to drive to Cap Hill, or where ever to relax and have a libation! Please work this thing out! Other developers are watching what we do here... the bigger picture is there's a lot at stake here...Call me if I can help in any way to bring this in for a landing.

    Greg Rhett