Monday, December 14, 2009

Baby Steps

I figured I'd start with my rant and end on a positive note. Apparently, there is a bad batch of PCP going around Fairfax Village. On Wednesday mid-day, a woman (not a resident in the Village) driving on Fort Davis Street started tripping. She stopped the car in the middle of the street, hopped out the car and started stripping. (note: stay off that stuff) Fortunately, we have a US Marshall living in the Village. He was able to detain her until MPD arrived.

Then on Thursday evening, I arrive home to an ambulance and three MPD vehicles. A "woman" living in Village 6 (across the street from my crib) started tripping off PCP. "She" bit a teenager in the face. "She" was detained and locked up by MPD. MPD figured that "she" would be locked up for several months. WRONG. I was walking my dogs last night and sure enough, "she" was walking right in front of me.

Just so there is no misinterpretation of my words, let me be very clear when I say: THE DC JUSTICE SYSTEM SUCKS!!!!

Moving on to the positive... I am happy to report that I got an email from Councilmember Mendelson's Office this past Friday as a follow up to our Security Walk the previous Friday. The Councilmember has made good on his promises. His office ensured DDOT added two new One Way signs at the intersection of W St and 38th St SE. While I was walking my dogs, I spied with my little eye two new signs. Now hopefully we can cut down on people driving the wrong way on that street.

The other thing that CM Mendelson's Office is assisting us with is getting the DC Housing Authority to investigate the problem units in the Village. We ALL know how my experience was with DCHA. **rolls eyes** Ofc LaFrance was contacted to get the addresses of the problem units. He is working with the Fairfax Village management office to ensure we have a comprehensive list of all the units. CM Mendelson's office also confirmed that MPD is going to look at the crime statistics at 38th and Alabama to determine if it's a candidate for a security camera.

These may be small steps, but it's progress nonetheless. Now if we can fix the Justice system...


  1. That PCP is no joke! That is crazy.

    Good news about the street signs and such. Keep fighting the good fight!

  2. The justice system does suck. But what sucks more is that the citizens of DC sit on Jury's and opt not to convict a criminal.

  3. DC debutante,

    For the most part the problem is the US Attorney's Office in DC , which frequently does not take cases to trial.

    CM Mendelson is also a huge contributor to the problem. He frequently waters downs or blocks attempts to make the DC law tougher on repeat offenders, especially juveniles.

  4. ***Raises brow*** @comment from anonymous. Can you point me to legislation that CM Mendelson has blocked and/or watered down?